My Redeemer Is Faithful And True…

As I think about my future and its entitlements, I can’t help but think about and remember my past and what happened to me along the way. I’ve been through a lot in my lifetime. It definitely hasn’t been easy. I think about all the issues I faced/face on a daily basis: physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

Physically: My past surgeries I’ve had, my health issues that I’ve had to face. Some of the obstacles I’ve had to overcome.

Spiritually: My relationship with God, my faith and trusting in His power, timing and healing.

Emotionally and Mentally kind of go hand in hand. Both have been quite challenging. I’ve struggled with what others think about me, what they’ve said about me. Mentally with me having to deal with mental health issues which I’ve had to also overcome.

Would I change it? Some of it, yes. But, God puts us in a place and purpose for a reason. He puts us on this earth to be a light in the darkness, to show love and bring hope to the lost and hurting. He also brings people into our lives to help us grow and mature in our walk with Him. A certain singer/songwriter was right when he said ” It’s a meaningful life you’ve been given, so live it well!”

A few years ago, if you had told me that I would graduate high school, learn how to drive, go to college, get a great first job, and have an amazing boyfriend, I probably wouldn’t have believed you.

Amidst the struggles I have, the relationships I have, God knew what He was doing when He put me on this earth. He knew I would struggle, He knew I would go through some dark and scary times in my life. But He also knew the milestones I would reach, the accomplishments I would make and the hope that I have in Him. He’s definitely a good, good Father.

Sometimes I think I’ll never make it out alive. But God meets me there every. single. time. He takes me by the hand, we keep walking. I might kick and scream and throw a fit, but he keeps helping me and pushes me through it all. Have I got Him all figured out? Absolutely not! But I know that He holds everything in His hands.

I started writing out this post last night. I was listening to music on my phone. My phone played “My Redeemer is Faithful and True” by Steven Curtis Chapman (of course!) 🙂 I started crying. “And in every situation He has proved His love for me. When I lack the understanding, He gives more grace to me! My redeemer is faithful and true. Everything he has said He will do. And every morning His mercies are new! My Redeemer is Faithful and True!”

I am truly thankful for all that God has done in my life. He really is faithful and true!




Big Changes, A Love Story And Thanksgiving…

Another year has come and gone in my blog world. We’ve just finished Thanksgiving and about to enter the Christmas season. It’s been a crazy, and rough year. January started off with a bang. I started my second semester at TSTC. Towards the end of January, I ended up getting back together with a guy that I kinda dated 3 years ago. Long story short, the date we “broke up” 3 years ago became our first “official” date this year—January 28th,2016. My boyfriend is pretty amazing if you ask me! 😉 February, we finally made it past the 2 week mark, which that didn’t happen last time. Fast forward to July and we celebrated 6 months! It’s had its ups and downs, but we’re making it! August we dropped my sister off at college in Arkansas. That was an experience! Very hard, but we got through it. In October, we lost our beloved parakeet, “Birdie”. Now here we are at the end of November. I’m thankful for my family and friends God has given me.

It’s Been Awhile….and Debit Card Safety

Hello there! It’s been a whole year since I’ve posted anything. Wow. Time flies when you’re having fun. So much has changed for me. A year ago I had no idea what God had planned.

January I took a semester off and focused on my job. In the spring, I was in the movie theater watching a movie and an advertisement cake on for a Technical school. Anyone who knows me knows I like working with computers. So I printed off the application.

I got overwhelmed for a while with all the steps I had to take, so I waited a few months. In June I guess I finally got the ball rolling. By the beginning of August, I finally went up to the campus. Talked to some people and found out what to do next. I was a little worried because one of the steps was to take the TSI Exam. I definitely didn’t want to because of all the trouble it was at my other school.

I was relieved when they told me the my scores would transfer and I was exempt from it. Once we got it all said and done, I was enrolled. Met some of the professors there and got registered. I went to Orientation and a few weeks later, classes began.

Now here I am. It’s the end of the semester and I’m kinda sad it’s over. I really like all the students in my classes.

This is totally random but….

Yesterday I was at Walmart with my mom. We were buying a few things. I bought a few things. We get to the self checkout and I insert my card into the card chip reader. It processes. No pin, no signature, nothing. I thought to myself, “Is this really safe?” So you mean to tell me that if my card gets stolen, someone can make unauthorized purchases just by inserting my card? They say it’s “safer” than swiping. Uh huh. Some say it’s not. So for your safety, make sure you think twice before inserting….



Christmastime is Here…

First of all, Merry Christmas!!! I know it’s been awhile since my last post. It’s been really crazy with work and other things lately. I have been in the process of writing music. I’ve written more music just by messing around on my ukelele. It’s been pretty amazing what kind of songs have come out of me these past few months. My uke is my best friend.

I just finished making Christmas Rice Crispie Treats for our Girls Group Christmas party tonight. I had a little bit of the “batter” and it was good! haha.

Honestly, I’m kinda tired of Christmas music. Christmas has just gone too commercial in my opinion. Christmas stuff is already being put out by Halloween. Come on! What about Thanksgiving? Giving thanks is really important too. What frustrates me is the day after people are supposed to be thankful for everything they have, they turn around on Black Friday and try to kill people trying to get that GREAT deal that’s 90% off. Christmas doesn’t seem to be about Christ anymore. It’s about getting the best gift and spending every dollar in one’s wallet. In reality, we forget WHO the real gift is: Jesus Himself. Christmas should be EVERY day. Not just December 25th. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE getting presents. But His Presence is so much more meaningful.

Anyway, Hope everyone has a great Christmas season and let us not forget who is the reason.

Merry Christmas!


Just Relax….

The night before last, I was really stressed. I didn’t want to go to bed and I sure didn’t wanna get up and go to work in the morning. I kept thinking of all the stuff I might have to do at work, I thought about what am I supposed to do with my life. Did I choose the right job? Did I choose the right degree plan?

I finally stopped and prayed. I gave it all to God. I also turned on my “Sleepytime” playlist on my phone. Before I knew it, I was asleep until the alarm went off at 6:30.

Getting up is always hard. I usually look on Facebook for a minute with the bright screen shining in my face. haha. I got ready for work and I was running behind. I usually take 30 minutes to eat breakfast, but I was running late and had only 15 minutes. eek! I made it to work in time but the craziness didn’t stop there. My whole day was crazy trying to get my daily store chore done and checking out customers. By the time it was all said and done, I was EXHAUSTED. Ready to go home. So I went home and slept for an hour. haha.

If only we could just all slow down and smell the roses. We should quit worrying about the chaos and enjoy the moment. I don’t know what I wanna do with my life. God does. I may not understand why things happen the way they do, but God does.

Here’s to hoping I can try to relax a little for a day before going back to work.

“1 o clock and allllzzz well!!” ~Robin Hood

Good night!


What I’m Learning….

Welcome to my first blog post!

Reading through the text in my textbook, I’m learning things that I never knew before. Like for instance, I didn’t know that Netscape was an ancestor of Mozilla Firefox. I thought that was interesting. What I might have trouble with is keeping all the different acronyms straight. But I think as long as I write them down, I can look back on them in my notes and remember what each one means.

Some sites that I find interesting are: Facebook is used for social media purposes. Companies can create pages for their business, celebrities can create one for their fans to keep up with them in their every day lives. On Facebook, you can also play games online with your friends which can be an annoyance to some with having to receive game requests. You can also use it on the go on your cell phone. You can also chat with friends online.  Even friends that maybe on the other side of the world. Twitter is used for sending short updates to your followers. It can easily link to Facebook as well. You can customize Twitter easier on a PC than you can on your mobile device. If you end up somewhere where you don’t have internet access, you can just send a normal text message. Instagram is pretty much like Facebook but with just photos. You can follow other people like you can with Twitter and Facebook. Most celebrities use Instagram to post photos for their fans. You can also link Instagram to Twitter and Facebook and other social media sites.

These are some of the main ones I’m constantly using.


That’s all for now.